Finally! An e-book that educates you on MINDSET, 50 Laws of the Universe, MANIFESTATION tips, basic MONEY concepts to complex FINANCE / TAX mitigation strategies. YES! All in ONE book thus saving you TIME and MONEY, GUARANTEE!

Do you know that your past lives, cell memory, poverty mindset, and limiting beliefs could be stopping you from being RICH / WEALTHY / ABUNDANT and you might not even know it?

The Finance Doctor shares her knowledge as a 20+yr CPA, Law degree, licensed in Securities, Real Estate, Insurance license, and as a Vipassana Meditator.

Do you have a Financial Plan? Without a plan, that only means you are planning to fail. 2 out of 3 people worldwide aren't even aware that they are not financially educated. Are you part of that 66% statistic?

If you don't plan now, WHEN? Make 2021 the year that you will make things happen. This book will save you TIME and MONEY, GUARANTEE!!!

Are you like me? Someone who did not get financial education from the school system or my parents?

Are you like me? A parent who sent her child off to college and didn’t educate him about everything he needs to learn about how money works and how he can build his wealth?

Yes, that was me. Hello, my name is Jhayne Santucci a.k.a. “The Finance Doctor.” For a long time, I felt that I didn’t do a good job of educating my son about how money works.

Some parents pay for their children’s dance lessons, acting lessons, voice lessons, sports coaches but not investing in educating their children about money. I’m guilty of that. Shouldn’t we be teaching money concepts early so that by the time our children receive their first part-time paycheck, they’ll know what to do with it and how to grow it?

Did you know that 2 out of 3 people worldwide are financially uneducated? Some people keep their money in their savings account because that’s the only place they know to put it. Some people don’t understand that they are losing money by leaving it in their savings account. Some people rely on bank representatives to give them financial advice. Some people don’t understand the effect of saving early versus saving later. Some people don’t understand how inflation, taxes, time, and rate of return affect their money. They don’t know what Rule of 72 means and how the compounding interest affects their finance.

My mother used to tell my sisters and me how education is so important and that no one can ever take that away from us. I think Mom did a very good job in making her point across that I continuously educate myself thus all the licenses I’ve accumulated and kept for years.

What if you can leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience so that you can educate young adults in your family just like how I educate my son? You can save your children from financial mistakes and disasters like foreclosure or bankruptcy that can stay on their records for so many years and affect their ability to get a good job, affect their well-being, and their self-confidence.

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YOU WILL GET THESE BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED FREE (Templates, Worksheets, Access to my Professional Network Connections, and Private Facebook groups)

"The Finance Doctor's Tips & Tricks. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" eBook, “Visualize and Feel” Manifestation strategy so you can get what you want faster, “The REAL Secret” (The 50 Laws of the Universe), Suffering Mitigation Tip, and New Habit Checklist

Financial Statement Templates and Worksheets

Your Network is Your Net Worth. Access my Professional Network Connections and Private Facebook Group: The Finance Doctor's Successful & Happy Beings






Get "The Finance Doctor's Tips & Tricks" ebook, plus instant access to all of these bonuses - USD $8,397 value for only USD $9.99!

PLUS: You will be eligible to participate in the contest and have a chance to win accommodation to join us in November 2021 at a 5-star luxury resort (Amanpulo in Palawan, Philippines).

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The original intent was to write a guide to simply share my life experiences and knowledge with my son, nieces, and nephews because I feel that I am the only one in the family who will be able to teach them about personal finance. The Universe had another plan. I had to expand and reach out to other young adults across the world to educate them, to expand their knowledge, to shape their thinking so that they can accomplish whatever their heart desires, despite their current condition. My intent is that this book reached all 195 countries so that we can make the 66% financially uneducated people become financially savvy.

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I wrote this book as if I am talking to my son who has a short attention span so I had to make it interesting and easy to understand. I didn’t only teach him about personal finance but also shared my life experiences that will help him make important decisions in life. I shared my daily routine with the intent that he will pick up on them and create new habits that will give him positive results. I also provided a checklist to keep him on track. This book is not only about financial knowledge which makes it so unique compared to other personal finance books.

Imagine you sending off your child to college in another state and you have so much confidence that you educate them everything they need to know about how money works. You will feel great that you’ve done your job as a responsible parent.

Here are the benefits your children will gain from this book: They will learn life hacks and money tips. They will be encouraged to save early rather than later. They will know how to create wealth. They will become better money managers. They will be able to make better financial decisions knowing that they received education from an expert in the field. They will increase their self-confidence.


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Review from a CPA/Real Estate Investor:

“Hands down one of the best personal finance books I have ever read. If I could gift a copy to every school student, I would. To me, this was not only a finance book but also a motivational book full of inspiration to achieve one’s financial freedom by finding your true passion for making money. I like how the writer started with her own journey of finding the truth of her own passion and the meaning of being successful. Many similar books explain what to do in various financial decision scenarios but I’ve never read one where the writer speaks about their own journey that brought them to the point in life where they are today. It is a book anyone can relate to as we all have our own version of the story that brings us to the realization of how to make money and invest it to build wealth.

The book's beginning walks us through the writer's journey, how her interpretation of money and job kept her from finding her strength and building wealth. And how an intense dive into the spiritual world and meditation strength connects to your inner soul to discover what is important in your life.

The second half of the book discusses financial strategies, and each one of those tools' pros and cons. The book has an excellent approach to educate the reader on the importance of financial education before introducing financial planning tools. This is a book that one can easily refer to for various financial decision-making scenarios. More can be expanded on each topic, but I felt the book's main goal was to open readers' eyes to the importance of personal finance education and introduces available tools. I can see the writer expanding more on each of the tools in further detail in an elaborated book. My foremost takeaways from this book.”

· Think long term

· Live below your means

· Plan with a fully diversified portfolio

· Connect to your body and mind to find the true purpose of your life

· Turn your hobby and passion into money

~ Raisul Howlader, CPA MBA Real Estate Investor

Review from an Author and TEDx Speaker:

“Financial Doctor's Tips and Tricks” is a must-have book for your library, it is packed with valuable inspiration and practical information on the basic as well as the complicated financial concept to help build your personal wealth. I love how the Author simplified the jargon to easy, understandable terms, that make sense and less intimidate to her readers.

This book will give you a complete reference, but also simple steps of the "Visualize and Feel" method you can follow to achieve your own financial independence.

I learned something new in every chapter which motivates me to take action to re-examine my own financial road map. Thank you, Jhayne for such thorough insights and profound inspirations. Excellent book, highly recommend it!

- Lea Tran - Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Author of "I Did Not Miss the Boat"

Review from a CPA/Educator:

“The author, Jhayne Santucci does a great job in being relatable to the reader in all walks of life to help them understand and attain financial security. She humanizes the fact that even though we may have some ups and downs in our finances we can set goals and strategize to accumulate wealth with a basic understanding from tips the author shares throughout the book. Knowledge is power and you will be rewarded with every nugget of information the author shares. Ms. Santucci has a vast knowledge of experience from her CPA, legal background, life, and annuity insurance employment, and business consulting that she does, to give the reader the total package to view from a wide lens of seeing deeply the full potential of financial security.”

~ Mia A. Thomas, CPA CGMA, Senior Director of Learning - Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Review from a Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur

The Author delivered the information and financial concepts in this book into bite-size, easy to digest materials. Who doesn’t want to achieve financial freedom and retire early? This book is for those who want to realize the fruits of their labor and leave a financial legacy, no matter how big or small. It gives you basic beginning instructions- tips & tricks, to set you on the right path to financial freedom.

The first two chapters first demystify and clarifies your own personal beliefs about finances and teach you the importance of writing down your financial goals through the four stages of life. Chapter 3 dives into what I wished I had known- basic budgeting, debt management, and compounding interest before I had kids! Of course, this chapter also talks about the inevitable, TAXES, lots of different types of taxes! Very important to know so that you won’t get caught unaware.

In chapters 4 and 5, she talks about the various financial strategies to help you plan for you and your family’s future and sample goals and actions to take. I love that she delved into the power of the mind and self-empowerment to assist you in putting your plan into action in chapters 6 and 7. Invaluable, easy to understand information on insurance, annuities, general securities, are discussed in chapters 8 and 9. In case you may want to invest in real estate properties, chapter 10 is a must-read to avoid potential headaches as a property owner and landlord.

Overall, this would make a great gift for fresh college graduates about to embark on their new careers, recent immigrants who want to learn the importance of the credit scoring system as a stepping stool in acquiring and investing in a property i.e car, house, loans, etc., and as I mentioned just about anyone who wants the foundational road map to financial independence.”

- Dara Dolliole RN MSN CCRN, Entrepreneur




"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin. Jhayne Santucci educates her clients about Tax, Finance, and Investment strategies so they can make wise decisions and accomplish their life goals. She is a matchmaker for Buyers and Sellers of businesses with revenues of up to $10M. She takes a holistic approach when assisting clients because when you work with her, you're not only getting a 20+yr CPA/JD but you’re also getting someone who has licenses in Securities, Real Estate, and Health/Life Insurance. Every opportunity Jhayne gets, she shares with others the Vipassana meditation technique she diligently practices which helps her stay focus and maintain an equanimous mind. Jhayne is the author of "The Finance Doctor's Tips and Tricks. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You." She is also the Founder of Excelsure Consulting LLC which strategically targets small business owners since they are the ones who need help the most because 7 out 10 will not make it to their 10th year. When not working, you will find Jhayne volunteering at various nonprofit organizations or visiting luxury resorts around the world.

My MISSION is to contribute to society by sharing my knowledge, to make people's lives better through education, and to reduce the number of people who are not financially savvy. By buying this book, educating yourself and the people around you, you are helping me with that mission slowly but surely and one person at a time... so thank you.

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"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin.

Is there a risk in buying this e-book? No, there is no risk because we are certain that you will learn something new from this 224-page book. As you have read from one of the reviews, adults are also learning something new from this book.

If you are not going to educate yourself, your children, and the young adults in your family, who will?

If you are not going to start now, when?

You don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be in the same place as you are today... concern that you didn’t do a good job educating your children when you can, so take action NOW.

Give the GIFT that lasts FOREVER.... EDUCATION!


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